Tai Chi Chuan 


Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese art dating back to approximately 1200 A.D. Based on the writings of I-Ching, tai chi is practiced for health and self-defense. It is easy to learn, needs no special equipment, can be practiced anywhere in a minimum amount of space and is suitable for everyone, young and old.

Wu Tai Chuan consists of 108 movements practiced in a slow, relaxed manner. The mind becomes very calm and blood circulates freely to all parts of the body, making the internal organs strong. The unity of movement, breathing and concentration contributes greatly to physical and mental health.

    The Wu style consists of ten areas of training:
  • Breathing- Chi Kung
  • Slow Form- Gah Ghee
  • Fast Form- Goon Chuen
  • Sword Form- Gim
  • Saber Form- Don Do
  • Two Man Fighting Form
  • Stationary Push-Hands
  • Running Push-Hands
  • Self-Defense Push-Hands
  • Internal Power Training                                               

Tai Chi Chuan relies on internal power. Many of the moves are soft and yielding, turning the opponent's power against him. As in all styles of kung fu, proficiency in self-defense using tai chi requires consistent practice and dedication. Considered on of the most sophisticated systems of martial arts, tai chi chuan is referred to as the Treasure of Chinese Kung Fu.