the Instructor, Sifu Joel Rodriguez

Sifu Joel Rodriguez is a direct student of Master Leung Shum (the foremost authority on Eagle Claw) in New York City. He is a fully certified instructor in Ying Jow Pai and one of few to be given “Master Belt” by Master Shum.

Sifu Rodriguez has given seminars and demonstrations in Atlanta, New York, Florida and Seattle. He has appeared in magazine articles and numerous videos by Master Shum. He has placed in full contact fighting and forms competitions .

Sifu Rodriguez' background as an athlete (having competed in track, soccer, football and basketball) and as a certified personal trainer gives him a unique perspective on martial arts training. He is able to relate kung fu training to sports and everyday activities and teach the student how to use kung fu to enhance all aspects of their lives.

Sifu Joel Rodriguez
Eagle Claw
     Kung Fu Center
931 Monroe Drive, Suite #206
(above the UA8 Theater)
Atlanta, GA 30308