The Northern Eagle Claw System is one of the oldest traditional systems in kung fu. It was created in the Sung Dynasty (c.1150) by General Ngok Fei. He devised the famous “108 Locking Hands”, a system combining blocks and punches with intricate locks and pressure point strikes.

Ying Jow Pai uses the punches, palm strikes and kicks found in most martial arts. As a Northern style of kung fu it has much movement and acrobatics; jumps, flips and splits. This movement makes Eagle Claw an excellent aerobic and anaerobic workout. It also will enhance flexibility, coordination, balance and focus.

Ying Jow Pai fighting is based in clawing, locking, pressure point strikes and controlling. These concepts are based on technique over strength. This makes Ying Jow Pai an excellent self-defense system for women as it will negate an attacker's possible strength advantage.

Weapons training plays a major role in kung fu instruction. Ying Jow Pai weapons include staff, saber, spear, kwan do, daggers, hook sword and fan. Each weapon has a different purpose in body conditioning as well as defense.

When combined, all aspects of the Ying Jow Pai program will develop a physically, mentally and spiritually well-rounded martial artist and person.